Jessy To

Provincial Educator

About Me

I am a true kid at heart and hence pursued a career in Education because I love all the magic and possibilities that can happen in a classroom. My background specialization is in ESL and I also hold a Masters in Special Education. I started my career as a high school ESL teacher and then transitioned to a Resource teacher. From there, I taught grade three for the next three years. From all these learning experiences, I learned the important role technology has in supporting student learning whether it be: classroom, small group instructions, English Language Learning or special needs. Technology has always been a huge part of my career as it brought color and magic into my classrooms. I noticed the increased amount of student engagement technology can bring. In addition, technology today allows us to stay more connected globally and sharing our learning across cultures and borders making our learning more powerful and effective. I have witnessed how technology can improve the quality of Education for all students by allowing them to maximize their learning and making learning more attainable and accessible for everyone. With this being said, I am proud to be apart of the SET BC Provincial Team as a Tier 3 Technology Consultant, where I can share my passion and commitment as a lifelong learner with everyone.

My Interests

Aside from staying on top of technology and social media in learning about new ways to share and obtain information that can benefit the Education field, I am interested in staying connected with nature and the great outdoors. I love to hike, bike and just embrace all the rich culture that surrounds us in Vancouver.