Debby Lee

Provincial Educator

Debbie Lee

About Me

I am originally from South Korea and have lived in Canada since 1998. I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education and began my career as a secondary school Math teacher in 2008. I joined SET-BC after I obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from UBC in 2013. I believe that each and every child is a unique individual who needs a caring, respectful, and safe environment in which to grow and develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. As a consultant at SET-BC, I constantly incorporate new and innovative ways to utilize technology in the classroom to support the diverse needs of students, including ways to integrate technology with best practices in education. Providing an incredible, thriving and inclusive learning environment for all learners with the help of technology is what I am thrilled to be part of.

My Interests

I enjoy outdoor activities, particularly hiking in summer and snowboarding in winter. I also love to travel. It is exciting to observe a new place and culture. Traveling allows me to employ my interest in scrapbooking and creating a photo album for places I have visited. I always take a camera with me whenever I travel to a new place and then I prefer capturing the photo shots of building, people and landscape.

My Digital Presence

Twitter @MsYRDKim