Debby Lee

Provincial Educator

Debbie Lee

About Me

I am originally from South Korea and have proudly called Canada home since 1998. My educational journey led me to the University of British Columbia (UBC), where I earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and Secondary Education. Embarking on my professional path, I commenced my career as a secondary school Math teacher in 2008. Fueling my dedication to education, I pursued and attained a master’s degree in educational technology from UBC in 2013. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of my new professional chapter at SET-BC, where I joined as a provincial teacher. In this role, I am committed to incorporating cutting-edge and innovative approaches to implement technology in the classroom. My core belief centers on recognizing each child as a unique individual, deserving of a nurturing, respectful, and secure environment for holistic development – socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally. As a provincial educator at SET-BC, I am driven by the pursuit of creating an incredible, thriving, and inclusive learning environment for all learners. I am excited to contribute to this transformative journey, utilizing technology as a powerful ally in shaping the future of education.

My Interests

Delving into the world of fabrics and sewing has become a delightful passion of mine. The artistry of selecting unique fabrics and crafting my own outfits brings me joy. A personal touch and a distinct sense of style define my creations. It has become my daily ritual to adorn myself with at least one garment that bears the mark of my own craftsmanship.