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The War Between Two Cities 


Slide 1 - Long ago, a village lived happily. A crystal blue river that= led to the ocean was near the village. There were lots of fish to eat for= the villagers.  


Slide 2 - Salmon was fished most often. Because the river was near the = ocean they sometimes caught crab.  


Slide 3 - Kids love to play imaginary games together.  


Slide 4 - Parents work hard. They fished for tasty crabs to eat. They w= ere building their homes. In their free time, they loved to dance and sing= .  


Slide 5 - Everything was peaceful and everyone happy in the village unt= il they started noticing their salmon was gone, the beautiful tall trees w= ere being cut down and there was garbage all around the beautiful forest. &= #160; 


Slide 6 - The chief from the village noticed villagers from a nearby vi= llage chopping down the trees and fished more than their share of salmon fr= om the river. The chief told the villagers and they were very upset. = ; 


Slide 7 - The chief knew he must call in the peace makers of the forest= for help.  


Slide 8 - The wolf is the peacemaker, the deer teaches people to be ki= nd and gentle, and the seagull teaches us not to be wasteful. The chiefs= from the two villages meet with the wolf, seagull and deer between two ma= gical mountains. The wolf asked the chiefs to solve their problem with a = peaceful game.  


Slide 10 - The rules of the game: you can only cut trees for things yo= u really need. you can only fish enough salmon you can eat for 3 days at = a time and you must not be wasteful! With the new rules the two villages = were able to share resources and live peacefully, be friendly, kind and w= ord together. And most importantly, not be wasteful.