Submit a Resource

Have a resource that you want to share? We’re excited to hear from you! Please note that all submissions are vetted, subject to quality check and approval from our internal team. In accordance with the guidelines, we only publish submissions in our resource library that closely align with our mission and objectives.

Types of Classroom Resources to submit:

Was this resource created to be used by a student with complex needs, perceptual disabilities, or
communication challenges, or who uses software or equipment that SET-BC supports? If yes, then it
belongs in this collection. If you’re unsure, just ask!

Some examples of the types of files that currently make up our collection:

  1. Files for apps/software SET-BC supports (i.e. Clicker, Communicator 5, Grid3, Boardmaker, Pictello, BookCreator, etc.)
  2. Printables of Visual Supports (i.e. DOCX, PDF of Communication Grids, Visual Schedules)
  3. Accessible PDFs meant to be readable on a device (i.e. Worksheets, Social Stories)
  4. Accessible Powerpoint Files (They can be mouse or switch operated, images have alt text)

Before submitting your resource, please ensure:

  1. All content belongs to you. You are the author and creator.
  2. You have the right to use anything else you include in your resources, such as photographs, clip art and other images, borders or other design elements, etc.
  3. If you include photographs or video with your student’s image, you have also submitted to us a signed parental consent form permitting us to share their image online.
  4. You have created it with accessibility and UDL’s P-O-U-R principles in mind. See
Download Media Consent Form

Content Submission Form

Just for SET-BC Resource Support eyes. Your information won’t be shared online.
Just for SET-BC Resource Support eyes. Your information won’t be shared online.
Topic/Curricular Subject Area
Grade/Learning Level
Please include a quick summary of the resource, its intended use, and any special considerations it may need.
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