Using Voice-to-Text on an iPad

Dragon Dictate on iPad screenA team supporting a secondary school student who was using Kurzweil 3000 on a SET-BC loaned laptop to read ARC-BC materials wanted to investigate the use of an iPad and voice-to-text iOS apps to help the student gain more independence in completing written assignments.  The student was not able to use Dragon Naturally Speaking in the past but the new Dragon Dictate, available on the iPad, seemed to be more responsive.  Team goals included using the iPad and voice-to-text to demonstrate her learning and to explore other iOS apps for learning, organization and social communication support.

Piloting the Davinci – and All-in-One HD Video Magnifier with Text-to-Speech

Student using Davinci magnifier to see written assignmentA team supporting a student who had a sudden loss of vision wanted to use a video magnifier / OCR unit to complement her existing technology system.  A Davinci magnifier was loaned to the team and they used it with the student so she could access her Grade 5 curriculum as she learned braille.  The team’s goals included increasing her visual efficiency, increasing her independent access to both print materials and board work and to use the device with the expanded core curriculum.  Based, in large part, to the success of this project, the Davinci was then included in the SET-BC provincial Loan Bank in following years.