Peter Jordan

My Contact Information

Phone: 604-841-7761
Fax: 604-261-2256

Date I joined SET-BC

August 20, 2018

About Me

After graduating from UBC I had the opportunity to teach at Pacific Academy in Surrey for the better part of a decade. I taught drama and media in the high school. I helped produce many plays, musicals and videos while teaching there. I loved collaborating with students and helping to push students to perform at their best. I enjoyed walking people through the process of creation. I always found it important to embrace the challenges of the process instead of worrying about the finished product. At least that’s what I told myself…I always ended up worrying about the finished product!

I ventured into some uncharted territory in the world of business after teaching at Pacific Academy. I helped run a mobile technology company that focused on software for property management. The flexibility of that job allowed me to manage a small video production business where I produced educational videos for BC Women’s Hospital and a number of educational institutions. I also had the chance to do a little acting in a few commercials. It’s important when watching those commercials that you don’t blink or you might miss me.

These past experiences led me to finding SET-BC where I hope to put my varied skills to good use. I think technology can be a great tool to ignite students into learning new things in exciting and fun ways.

My Interests

In the summer I find myself on the tennis court a lot.  If you’re in Vancouver and you’re looking to play, then let me know.  My son and I get out on the court fairly regularly.  He’s quickly catching up to me in his skill level and so soon he’ll be beating me.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  In the winter I’ll be snowboarding if there is fresh powder.  I like to be the first on the hill.  So if you’re heading to Whistler, then I’ll meet you in line around 5:45 a.m.  I’m currently obsessed with my new ebike.  I call it ‘the poor man’s Tesla’.  Every hill is a downhill on my new bike.  My wife and I have enjoyed exploring parts of the city that we’d never seen before on our ebikes.

My Favourite Resources