Type It Out Family

Classroom Resource

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

Type It Out is a Classroom Suite 4 activity that uses an onscreen keyboard to type out words; in this case, the topic is family . Letters of the word to be spelled are highlighted in yellow and the letters not needed don’t work. You click on the picture to hear the word. There are instructions to change the activity to add your own words and pictures. This activity supports the Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes for English Language Arts (Writing and Representing) Grade 1 Grade 2:
– knowledge of consonant and short vowel sounds to spell phonically regular one-syllable words
– spelling phonically irregular high-frequency words from memory
– attempting to spell unknown words through phonic knowledge and skills and visual memory
-express meaning during writing and representing by using invented spelling and copying existing words/representations. Created by Scott McKay.

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