Stolo First Nations BC Topic Dictionary Wordlist

Classroom Resource

Learning Level: Elementary School

About this Resource

This resource contains a topic dictionary or wordlist to support writing about the Stolo Nation in British Columbia in three software formats: Kurzweil, CoWriter, and a text file. Supporting files are also included with instructions on how to create and import a wordlist in Kurzweil, how to save and share a topic dictionary in CoWriter and how to create topic lists in WordQ. This activity supports the BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Grade 4 Social Studies – Society & Culture :
-Distinguish characteristics of various Aboriginal cultures in BC and Canada
– Compare governance in Aboriginal cultures with governance in early European settlements in BC and Canada
– Compare bartering and monetary systems of exchange
– Describe technologies used by Aboriginal people in BC and Canada
– Describe technologies used in exploration, including transportation, navigation, food preservation
– Describe Aboriginal peoples’ relationship with the land and natural resources
Created by Nedra Post and Daphne Mercier.

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