Leprechaun Lephrechaun Where Have You Gone

Classroom Resource

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

A colour recognition activity with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. This activity supports the Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes for Literacy Foundations (2010) helps to demonstrate enhanced vocabulary knowledge and usage by: experimenting with language (e.g., attempt to pronounce or use new words, use simple sound patterns such as rhyming to learn new words, engage in conversations); using newly learned vocabulary (e.g., after listening to new vocabulary in stories and instruction, after listening to words used in multiple contexts to understand their use); beginning to use descriptive words to describe own feelings and the feelings of others; using words to describe people, places, and things (e.g., size, colour, shape, location, actions); classifying objects, pictures, and words (e.g., people, places, things, shapes, colours, foods) and discussing similarities, differences, and names of categories; with support, planning and presenting short dialogues. Created by Scott McKay.

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