Haida Unit: Village Life

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Learning Level: Elementary School

About this Resource

This is a unit of study on the Haida.
This activity supports the BC Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Social Studies Grade 4.
– Distinguish characteristics of various Aboriginal cultures in BC and Canada
– Compare governance in Aboriginal cultures with governance in early European settlements in BC and Canada
– Compare bartering and monetary systems of exchange
– Describe technologies used by Aboriginal people in BC and Canada
– Describe technologies used in exploration, including transportation, navigation, food preservation
– Describe Aboriginal peoples’ relationship with the land and natural resources
*Please note: Some images in the colouring sections were taken from these 3 publications – 1. Myths and Legends of the Haida Indians of the Northwest: The Children of the Raven by Martine J. Reid; 2. Northwest Coast Indians Coloring Book by David Rickman; and 3. Northwest Indian Girl and Boy Paper Dolls by Yuko Green.
Created by Daphne Mercier and Connie Bentley.

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