Building Our Country Canada

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Learning Level: Elementary School

Learning Level: Primary School

About this Resource

Grade 4: In this Clickerset, the student can read about the founding people of Canada. It supports the British Columbia Ministry of Education Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Socials Studies: Identity, Society and Culture: Grade 4: B1 distinguish characteristics of various Aboriginal cultures in BC and Canada B2 demonstrate knowledge of early European exploration of BC and Canada B3 identify effects of early contact between Aboriginal societies and European explorers and settlers; and Grade 5: B1 describe the significance of key events and factors in the development of BC and Canada, including the fur trade, the railroad and the Fraser/Cariboo gold rush; B2 assess why immigrants came to Canada, the individual challenges they faced, and their contributions to Canada; B3 describe the contributions of significant individuals to the development of Canada’s identity. Created by Lindsay Kiko.

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