As part of this stream, project teams will be exploring innovative ways to support:

“Personal and social competency is the set of abilities that relate to students’ identity in the world, both as individuals and as members of their community and society. Personal and social competency encompasses the abilities students need to thrive as individuals, to understand and care about themselves and others, and to find and achieve their purposes in the world.”

SD8 - Canyon-Lister Elementary

Growth Mindset
Personal Responsibility – students use digital tools (laptops, iPads, Google Classroom, Book Creator app, and Explain Everything app) to set goals, demonstrate and reflect on their ability to increase their feelings of wellbeing and their ability to manage feelings. And that this improvement in self-management will be reflected in an improvement in planning, goal-setting, and collaboration. This, then, will lead to goals being met i.e. improving their growth mindset to improve their quality of self-perception and knowledge of what they are capable of achieving.


Explain Everything SampleRock Cycle Student Presentation

SD10 - Nakusp Elementary

Developing Self-Regulated Learning and Emotional Well Being Through Digital Storytelling
Building upon the whole primary class and whole Nakusp Elementary school improvement plan goals of improving social emotional learning, we wish to see students identify and explain how to self-regulate their emotions. We regularly use the SmartBoard as a tool to help students connect to their emotional learning at a whole class level. Students use a variety of digital tools to explore and individually develop stories that explain the process of changing thoughts to cope with emotions. The students will celebrate these stories and share them with parents using Fresh Grade throughout the school year and in late spring present in the library and a family open-house for digital storytelling.

SD48 - Brackendale Elementary School

What Makes You Unique?
A project to share with others (peers and adults) about what makes us unique. Finding connectionswith others through identifying our individual characteristics, identifying our strengths and potential, and celebrating our efforts and accomplishments.

SD51 - Grand Forks Secondary

Operation Cooperation!
To collaborate as a team in order to bring out the best in each other and the best in our students; embrace the possibilities afforded by the flexibility embedded in the new curriculum and take an innovative approach to project development that both encourages higher – order thinking and values the Core
Competencies. We will examine Core Competency goals (Social and Personal Responsibility) through different lenses within the Humanities curricula (literature, media, history, geography); explore overlap within the Humanities: both Social Studies and English encourage students to make sense of the world and consider issues of identity and community. Students will use iPads to complete a project to answer the Driving Questions (What is it to be Canadian? What is your purpose? What is the influence of the individual on the community and what is the influence of the community on the individual?), and share their projects with a public exhibition.

SD71 - Courtenay Elementary School

My Challenge is My Strength
The students will explore the concept of challenge through the lens of empowerment. Students will think of a personal challenge that they are currently dealing with. They will research this challenge (for example, anxiety) and learn about strategies that are suggested when dealing with this cha llenge. The students will try out these strategies, and keep a journal about how the strategies are working. From the journals and reflections, and from exposure to cross cultural stories of people overcoming challenges (including Aboriginal stories) the students will write a picture book of a fictional character who has the same challenge as they do. The student wrn incorporate the strategies and the experiences that they have with these strategies, into this story. The student will create an e-book based on the fictional character that will be shared with our local students, ARC-BC and also (for free) on iTunes. The artwork that is used in the book will be created through sessions that based on literature, and also from the cross cultural speakers that we will invite into our classrooms. The students will choose how to represent their stories. Some of the technology they could choose from would be Book Creator, Explain Everything, Chatter Pix, iMovie, Pie Collage, and others.

SD73 - McGowan Park Elementary

My Mandala
Students will create their own digital mandala that represents who they are, their strengths, their interests, their beliefs, their family history, and their values. Students will explore other cultures that use mandalas to showcase their identity, look at First Nation’s representation of the Medicine Wheel, mandalas, and their symbolism, and then the students will create their own mandala using colours, symbols, shapes, lines, and other representations to reflect their personal identity.

SD82 - New Hazelton Elementary School

Building Personal Responsibility
We have been trying to incorporate technology as a means of expressing learning, but we have limited technology available, and limited knowledge of how to do this for learning about personal responsibility.

Our goals are to learn how to utilize iPad apps for teaching and learning, to build students’ metacognitive abilities, learn how to teach students to express their learning, and teach.

SD82 New Hazelton Elementary School Final Report