Design and FAQ

These support resources are organized according to the different bundles that were available through the project. By clicking on a bundle link, you will be taken to the resources for that bundle.

Each Bundle is supported with the following resources:

  • Overview – a short video introducing the components of the bundle
    On Demand – a list of downloadable resources that contain a collection of links that will help you learn how to use each of the technologies contained in the bundles
  • Facilitated – a description of upcoming facilitated training events including those offered face-to-face at the SET-BC Provincial Centre and online or streamed.

To go to the different resource areas, simply click on the name of the bundle in the list and then navigate to the different types of resources by clicking on the tabs.

Is SET-BC still receiving applications for the Complex Needs Technology Project 2018-2019?

No – the deadline for application for the project was November 30th, 2018. All applications were reviewed in December 2018 and technology bundles ship in late January 2019.

Will there be a Complex Needs Technology Project in the 2019-2020 school year?

It is possible that SET-BC may be able to offer this project for a fourth year – this won’t be known until our annual budget is approved for 2019-2020.

Can I use these support resources even if I am not receiving the technology bundle?

Of course!  These resources are freely available and open to anyone who feels they will help them implement the technologies that were available through this project.

Will the facilitated sessions be recorded for those who can’t attend in person or online?

Yes – we will make every effort to record all facilitated sessions so you can watch them on demand.

When will the facilitated training sessions be offered?

Please check the Upcoming Events Calendar for potential upcoming facilitated events.

Who do I contact for more information about the Complex Needs Technology Project?

Please contact us at if you have bundle technology specific questions.  If you have questions about the support resources, we recommend contacting