Project Description

To assist BC school districts in building their capacity to support students with complex needs. This project is possible through the support of the BC Ministry of Education and is designed to help districts acquire the specialized technologies needed to address the assessment and trial needs of their most complex students.

This project is NOT intended to provide long term technology solutions for individual student use (i.e. increase Tier 3 allocations). The goal is to help district teams screen more effectively for district-based and SET-BC based support and to continue to support the development of district-based complex needs technology loan banks.

As with last year’s Complex Needs Technology Project, we will be asking those district teams that participate in the project to share ways in which the technology bundles helped build their capacity. In this way, the overall provincial capacity to support these students will be increased.
We invite applications that will focus on building capacity to support one or more of the following student groups:

  • Students with complex communication needs
  • Students with complex physical access needs
  • Students with complex vision needs

Technology Support for Successful Applicants

District teams who are successful in their application for support will be contacted mid-December.

The technology in the bundles will be put on long term EOS (Equipment Only Support) loan to the district. This will allow SET-BC to provide technical only support for the devices for our standard 5-year support window.