The Math Synergy Project stream brought together a group of classroom teachers to explore innovative ways to support numeracy with their students.  Classroom teachers submitted applications to SET-BC outlining their goals in numeracy education.  Working with a SET-BC Educator, the classroom teachers met monthly via teleconference or Zoom during the latter part of the 2019-2020 school year to discuss and reflect on teaching practices.

After Spring Break, schools underwent a remarkable change to online and remote learning to respond to the global pandemic.  The Math Synergy group continued to meet and conversations shifted to reflect the new challenge of engaging students using a variety of online tools.  Many of the student and teacher products included here are illustrations of the creativity and flexibility of the teachers in this group.

Columbia Park Middle

Tammy Tomm teaches Grade 6/7 at Columbia Park Middle School in Revelstoke.

Charles Dickens

Jeanette Inglis and Kelly Kent teach intermediate classes at Charles Dickens in Vancouver.