On October 19th, SET-BC consultants were busy around the province facilitating a variety of Professional Learning events. Here are some of the events that took place that day.

D69 – Digital Tools to Support Struggling Readers and Writers in the Classroom

Educators in SD 69 (Qualicum), participated in an afternoon workshop, Digital Tools to Support Struggling Readers and Writers in the Classroom facilitated by Alanna Wasylkiw, Tier 2 Provincial Teacher. Various digital tools and apps were discussed along with ideas about how they could be used to support struggling literacy students in the classroom. A whole group reading and writing activities demonstrated how learning experiences can be created for all levels of literacy, so students can be engaged and participate regardless of their reading or writing skills. Participants also had the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues at various literacy stations showing how they could practically apply these digital tools with students. It was a successful afternoon of sharing, collaborating, and learning!

SD85 – Tools to Support Executive Functioning and Sensory Processing

SET-BC Tier 1 Provincial Teacher Yik Wah Penner, in partnership with SD 85 in Port Hardy, presented a workshop on Tools to Support Executive Functioning and Sensory processing. Participants were given hands on experience with using a variety of high- and low-tech tools to support their students and walked away with strategies and tools to support their students. The morning session began with a look at executive functions, and the impact that they have on student learning. Participants engaged in lively discussion and supported one another throughout the learning experiences. Thanks for allowing us to participate in your professional learning, SD 85!

SD67 – Exploring How to Support Diverse Literacy and Numeracy Needs

three educators working on an ipad
SET-BC’s Tier 1 Provincial Teachers, Iren Heer and Carly Herman, facilitated an engaging full-day session at Penticton Secondary School in School District 67: Okanagan Skaha on how to support diverse literacy and numeracy needs. Staff from School Districts 51 (Boundary) and 53 (Okanagan Similkameen) also joined classroom teachers, specialist teachers, and support staff from School District 67 for this session.
A discussion on inclusion, the Universal Design for Learning, and the redesigned curriculum was followed by an exploration of a variety of web-based tools (Padlet, Poll Everywhere), iOS built-in accessibility features (Word Prediction, Dictation, Siri, Speak Selection, Speak Screen, Safari Reader View) Speech, and relevant apps (Book Creator, Popplet, Chatterpix, Toontastic, Explain Everything, ShowMe, Educreations, Geoboard, Number Frames, Number Line, and Number Pieces). Participants were able to learn implementation strategies and gather resources for the meaningful inclusion of technology to support the diverse literacy and numeracy needs of their students.

Web-based support for and additional information on this session can be found on Iren’s AfterShare space at http://learningnetwork.setbc.org/iheer.

SD39 / SD69 – Accessibility Tools to Support Differentiated Learning in the Classroom

The SET-BC Provincial Centre in Vancouver welcomed a group of SD39 educators to a morning session designed to explore the built in accessibility tools that are available in different platforms. In addition to those attending physically, SD69 educators attended virtually as the workshop was streamed to them live. Tier 2 Provincial Teacher, Nona Navin, highlighted how to access and enable the various accessibility tools and showed how they compared across the iOS, OS, and Windows platforms. Participants were able to explore the various tools on their own devices and, in Vancouver, on iPads provided at the session. A brief look at the popular Chrome app – Read and Write for Google Chrome – as a tool to support differentiated learning, was also included. A very busy two hours for both the participants and presenter!

presenter pointing at slide of Read&Write

SD46 – Digital Tools to Support Struggling Readers and Writers in the Classroom

A popular workshop request! SET-BC Service Coordinator, Josh Campbell, traveled to Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast to facilitate this workshop with an enthusiastic group of SD46 educators. Like the session described in SD69, participants explored various digital tools and apps to support students’ literacy development. Josh supported the attendees’ use of two apps – Book Creator and Explain Everything – as examples of tools that can be used for many purposes and across many grade levels to support students’ reading and writing. By using the two apps to self-reflect and represent their own learning in the workshop, the participants were able to connect the use of the apps to their own classroom literacy activities. Thanks SD46 for inviting us to your beautiful corner of BC!

To learn more about the technology used in this SETevent, search for it by name in learningSET.