Kelsey shows her tech prowessKelsey is a bright and enthusiastic primary student in Richmond School District. Kelsey loves, reading and writing, telling jokes, and dressing up as Disney princesses. Kelsey is also blind. As a fully academic student, Kelsey’s braille literacy skills developed quickly, and her team wanted to introduce her to a new access method that would allow her to continue to grow her skills.

The team decided to introduce Kelsey to a laptop with screen reader and a refreshable braille display for word processing. Kelsey was a keen learner and, with support from her team, was able generate many written passages.

Here is an example of what she wrote just weeks after being introduced to her braille equipment.

What I Will be When I Grow Up
One day I’m thinking what I will be when I grow up. I said to my mommy I said when I grow up I want to be a teacher. My mommy said okay. And other day I said to my mommy that I want to be a doctor. My mommy said okay. Then other day I said to my mommy that I want to be a firefighter. My mommy said okay. Then a other day I said to my mommy that I want to be a baker and I will make one fast food ice cream. And I will name my shop Everything Brave. Everything is the first name and Brave is the last name. My mommy said okay. And my mommy said I’m going to there to eat ice cream. I will see you there when I grow up. My mommy said okay. 

Recently, with the help of her Vision Resource Teacher, Stacey Gasoi, Kelsey was excited to have the opportunity to show her classmates how her equipment works.  During her demonstration, Kelsey expertly navigated the prepared document and read the jokes from her braille display. Her classmates were really engaged with her presentation and had a chance to ask questions about the equipment and Kelsey answered them confidently.

As Kelsey continues to grow and learn, she is using her technology more effectively each day. She is a fully included and participating member of her class. We look forward to the many achievements that Kelsey is sure to accomplish in the coming months. To learn more about the technology used in this SETstory, search for it by name in learningSET.

The short video below, shows Kelsey demonstrating her amazing skills using her technology.