In March, Sumeet, Yik-Wah, and Iren, who are Tier 1 Provincial Teachers, facilitated an important conversation on digital citizenship with elementary school educators in the Sea to Sky School District (SD# 48). In this session, the educators who attended were provided with the opportunity to create a common understanding of digital citizenship as relating to access, use, and responsibility in its relation to technology.

Mike Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship were examined as a framework with which to approach the complex concept. These elements include: digital etiquette, digital access, digital law, digital literacy, digital communication, digital commerce, digital rights and responsibilities, digital security, and digital health and wellness. The focus was placed on the digital citizenship elements that relate to the primary and middle school grade levels in order to personalize the discussion for this session.

The group of educators were also provided with the opportunity to work in small groups to gain an understanding of their assigned digital element. Then, they were asked to create a visual representation to summarize the information using the Comic Life app on an iPad. After a brief demo, each group created their visuals and shared how the element related to them, their classes, and their students. A group discussion was facilitated on how these elements could be implemented into the teaching practice to create learning communities that are safe and responsible.

Participants were also provided with an opportunity to explore web-based resources, such as Common Sense Education and Media Smarts, for a K-12 digital citizenship curriculum and various lessons plans. The group was able to discover relevant lesson plans that could be implemented with their classes.Interactive web-based resources were also explored, specifically Google’s Interland: Be Internet Awesome game. This interactive game allows users to travel into four different areas to become internet awesome.These areas include: Kind Kingdom: It’s Cool to Be Kind, Reality River: Don’t Fall for Fake, Mindful Mountain: Share with Care, and Tower of Treasure: Secure Your Secrets.

The amazing discussions that took place in this session provided the foundation for a web-based self-directed course on digital citizenship created by SET-BC. This course consists of eight modules and is a valuable resource for educational leaders, educators, and students.Moreover, the Sea to Sky School District has also shown interest in extending their discussion on digital citizenship into the 2018-2019 school year by requesting an additional SET-BC Professional Learning service. We look forward to working with the amazing Sea to Sky educators next year!


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SET-BC: Digital Citizenship Self-Directed Course digital citizenship circle
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Scope & Sequence: Common Sense K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum common sense education
Google’s Interland: Be Internet Awesome  google interland

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