SET BC and Diversity Awareness

SET BC and Diversity Awareness – SET-BC has evolved over the years from a Provincial Outreach Program that supports students with specific designated disabilities to one that supports the diverse needs of ALL students in a universally designed educational system.  Through our Ministry of Education mission and mandate, SET-BC consultants partner with district and school teams to encourage, to support, to identify and implement effective technology solutions, and to help their students reach their maximum potential.

Charlotte Friend has been a SET-BC consultant for seven years.  Her work history spans 30 years as a high school French teacher, teacher-librarian, followed by elementary resource support for many years.  She has the unique perspective of being a consultant, a teacher and a parent to children who received SET-BC support while in school.  She brings the richness of her unique perspective to every presentation she facilitates and is passionate about how students with complex learning needs are supported in our K-12 school system.

During this keynote presentation, you will be introduced to a new unit from our lending library that celebrates diversity and ability, providing teachers and students with an opportunity to explore tools to support learning needs, helping to develop understanding of individual learning differences, promoting self-advocacy and celebrating students as unique and gifted individuals.

Keynote Presentation: SET-BC and Diversity Awareness