girl on laptopEralee is a cheerful grade five student living in Kaslo, B.C. She has a wonderful sense of humour and loves to laugh, but she her lack of functional language makes it very difficult for her to express her wants, needs and knowledge to others. The staff also had a difficult time knowing what she had understood and had no way to help her to write or express her knowledge of the curriculum she was exploring in her grade five class.

Her team decided to implement Clicker 6 software to help develop her literacy and academic skills. The hope was the Clicker software program would allow her to express her knowledge through writing with just one click of the mouse. It was hoped that bypassing traditional writing and speech, Eralee would be able to show her knowledge more easily.

When the team received the technology and software this year, Rena, the Educational Assistant who supports Eralee, developed the skills to be able to create Clicker 6 activities for her very quickly. She made several activities for sight words, comprehension, sentence building, journal writing, writing recipes, shopping and coin recognition.

Eralee took to the activities very quickly. She was able to read each word presented to her. Not only did she read the words, ALL were correct and she was able to generate words without typing! In further activities, she was presented with harder words and her team was thrilled to learn what she actually knew! When presented with words she had never seen before, she stopped, scanned all of the words, processed each one and then chose the correct word. She even mouthed the words. You can see her thinking about each word in the photo of her using the laptop.

The team was ecstatic! Had it not been for Clicker 6 allowing Eralee to show what she knows via the technology, her level of knowledge and understanding may never have been clear. The team plans to do more assessment of her skills using Clicker and other methods. Congratulations to Eralee and her team – we suspect Eralee will be expressing all sorts of new thoughts and ideas in the coming months!

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