consultant-showing-use-of-ipad-to-group-of-kidsOver the past couple of months, there has been a different buzz around Lois Scott’s grade one classroom at Pebble Hill Elementary in the Delta School District. It was not that the students were any more excited to be at school or that they were each being engaged in multiple ways, as this was already a regular occurrence in her classroom. No, what the excitement was about was the additional way in which the students were able to access content and demonstrate their learning. You see, last year, at the suggestion of the school’s Mainstream teacher, Lois had requested, through her district team, to receive Tier 2 classroom support services from SET-BC. She had identified that iPads would be an ideal tool for her grade one students who she knew would be working at different literacy levels. Lois and her team chose to implement the Clicker Apps bundle – a collection of four apps (Clicker Sentences, Clicker Docs, Clicker Books and Clicker Connect), each designed to support students at varying levels of literacy.

After the technology had been configured by the district and had arrived at the school, a SET-BC consultant met with the team to discuss how he could be involved in the implementation of the equipment. The team collaborated on implementing a multi-prong approach. Team members met initially for a couple of sessions so that the teacher and the EA could learn how to use the apps with the consultant. After those initial sessions, the SET-BC consultant worked with individual groups of students based on established reading levels. Students who were at a higher literacy level started by creating their own books centered on what they were currently learning about – owls. Other students who were still learning to structure words together into sentences worked on sentence building activities but still around that central theme. As all of the students have now done a full rotation on the iPads, the class will move forward and focus on more independent use of the technology in the new year.


The use of iPads in this particular classroom has already added a new dimension to the students’ learning. Students are now able to engage on a different level and students who have previously not been able to engage or shine in traditional ways have exceled at using the iPad. All of the students have found delight in using the technology and those that had struggled with writing have found an avenue for expressing their thoughts.

Check back later as we will highlight some examples of work that these students have produced using their Tier 2 classroom-based solution!

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