Ins-Pi-re – Classroom Coding with Raspberry Pi

In the 2013-2014 school year, a team of educators at Lynn Fripps Elementary School in Langley were interested in using Raspberry Pi, a ‘credit-card-sized-single-circuit computer’ to create an inclusive and engaging curriculum to address the needs of the diverse learners in a Grade 7 classroom. The team consisted of Vern Mainman (Grade 7 classroom teacher), Dr. Sam Pimentel (Math Professor at Trinity Western University) and Ann Pimentel (Learning Assistance Teacher and lead teacher on the project). Students and teachers alike are excited to share their experiences with the Raspberry Pi and were surprised to see that the lessons extended beyond just math and coding and into creative and supportive peer collaboration, problem solving, and actually creating something out of technology. This was a change from simply being passive consumers of technology – the use of the Raspberry Pi technology truly supported a wonderful ‘Universal Design for Learning’ environment.

While the use of Raspberry Pi’s in BC classrooms is considered relatively new, Ann and her team have developed and implemented a series of units and lesson plans for using Raspberry Pi to address different areas of the curriculum in the classroom. Ann has documented her adventure through videos, photos and written blog posts. If you are interested in learning, sharing and exploring with the team, please connect with her journaling blog (