DominicDominic is a Grade 5 student with Autism who was having difficulty engaging in his school work. Dominic received a SET-BC computer with Clicker 6 software earlier this year. Clicker 6 is a software program that supports students struggling with reading and writing with visual, audio and video support. The following story recounts Dominic’s participation in the classroom before and after receiving SET-BC support. Way to go, Dominic!

Before utilizing technology, Dominic had difficulty producing any written work that was legible. His written output was poor in quantity and quality, and was sporadic. For example, he didn’t consistently engage in or complete writing activities. His writing lacked appropriate conventions such as capital letters at the beginning of sentences and periods at the end. In math, he was doing ability-based worksheets where he sometimes lacked the motivation and engagement required – the team often had to resort to “tricking” him in to doing math by adding graphics of his favourite superheroes to motivate him.

Since he received his computer and software, he is able to write coherent and complete sentences with capitals and periods. Dominic has been able to write up to 7 sentences at a time with support. He does a variety of interactive math activities to support and demonstrate his learning using his SET-BC technology.

He has also been successful at doing more advanced addition tasks using money sets in Clicker 6. Best of all, he can work on adapted writing projects that relate to the topics that the rest of the class is doing. It has really helped to build a more inclusive classroom for him. There’s less of a sense of Dominic doing his own thing, and more of a sense of him participating as an equal, contributing member of the class. He is very engaged with the work he is doing and shows a real sense of pride in his writing!

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