Screen shot showing presentation with photo of head set jacks on laptopThis package of lessons has been designed to provide teachers with information on how to instruct a whole class using engaging Clicker 5 and Paint activities. Using these guided lessons and accompanying Clicker 5 activities, teachers will guide students on how to use Clicker 5/Paint while learning about maps. There are seven lessons in total. The students start the unit by showing what they know and want to know using a KWL chart, next they read a story, participate in a labeling activity, create sentences using word banks, draw and stamp a picture and end the unit by writing their own story demonstrating what they have learned. Each lesson has been created with screen shorts to help support the teacher instruct the lesson and is based on an activity on the home grid.

In addition to the mapping unit that the lessons are based on, two additional units (salmon and whales) have been created which will allow students to learn in an engaging, interactive and fun way.

To prepare for these full class lessons:

  1. Watch the Demonstrations.
  2. Download the appropriate Clicker 5 unit (e.g. Maps) from “Clicker 5 Units.”
  3. Download the zipped folder with images related to the unit (e.g. Maps_Images) from “Related Images.”
  4. Download the six lesson plans from “Lesson Plans”

These recorded demonstrations provide support for preparatory activities that should be completed before carrying out this unit with a class. For example they cover opening and saving Clicker 5 files, setting Clicker 5 user preferences, and setting up headsets for students to use when engaging in the Clicker 5 activities.

Downloading from curriculumSETSetting Clicker 5 User PreferencesCreating Desktop FolderOpening Clicker 5 FilesSaving Clicker 5 FilesSetting up Student Headsets

Clicker 5 Units:

    • These Clicker 5 activities and templates will be used throughout the lessons by the teacher (for the purposes of demonstration) and the students. Before beginning the unit, download each of these Clicker 5 activities and save them in a folder on the desktop (see demonstrations for creating a desktop folder, opening and saving Clicker 5 files)”

Go to resourceSET. Search for, and download the following units:

  • Maps Click-Guide-Learn [Clicker 5, Clicker 6]
  • Whales: Click-Guide-Learn [Clicker 5, Clicker 6]
  • Salmon Click-Guide-Learn [Clicker 5, Clicker 6]

Lesson Plans:

  • Six lesson plans are provided to assist a teacher in completing these Clicker 5 lessons with your class. The lesson plans are intended to be completed in order; however, they can be spread out over the span of several classes. The lesson plans provide guided instruction regarding lesson set-up, required resources, and Clicker 5 programming. Note: these lesson plans are intended to be used by teachers who have experience with completing basic Clicker 5 programming (adding text and images). These lesson plans are based on the Clicker 5 unit “maps”. However, extra units have been provided in “Clicker 5 Units” for the purposes of a teacher carrying out these same lessons, using different content. To view or download any resource, click on its title.
  • KWL (176 kB PDF)
  • Reading the Book (98.5 kB PDF)
  • Labelling (258 kB PDF)
  • Word Bank (363 kB PDF)
  • Stamping (339 kB PDF)
  • Drawing (236 kB PDF)
  • Talking Book (426 kB PDF)

Clicker 5 Templates:

  • These Clicker 5 templates can be used for a teacher to create additional Clicker 5 units to be used with the lesson plans.”
  • Go to resourceSET to download Click-Guide-Learn Template [Clicker 5,Clicker 6]