timmy_travels_helicopter_2upTimmy Technology, SET-BC’s cuddly ambassador, has traveled to the SET-BC website! Timmy was created to give SET-BC students a way to showcase their schools and communities by introducing him to the important people and places in their lives.

Timmy was designed by Rebecca, a SET-BC student who entered a mascot design contest sponsored by SET-BC. Her entry, showcased in a PowerPoint presentation, both impressed and entertained the judges and was chosen from many terrific submissions. Her story and drawings are a source of inspiration for any student who wonders how things go from idea to reality.

Because her design was so detailed, it was easy for Daphne Mercier, one of the SET-BC provincial consultants, to create a pattern and sew a soft and huggable ambassador. As soon as he was created, Timmy became a popular visitor as he traveled around the province making new friends.

Originally Timmy traveled with only a camera, a set of lesson plans and some books, but he has added more great resources to his kit including an iPad with accessible books, a switch-adapted video camera, switch accessible toys, board games and some audio books. He still has lesson plans, in the areas of “My Community” and “Disability Awareness.”

Timmy is anxious to fill in his travel schedule for this year and will visit any SET-BC student at any BC school for a two-week term. He is very easy to book and his travel (shipping) costs are covered by the SET-BC Provincial Centre.