SET-BC Hosts Provincial Vision Workshop in RichmondThe final SET-BC Provincial Vision Workshop, also known as the “Vision Road Show”, was recently hosted by the Richmond school district. It is the last of a two year series of these workshops and was presented by SET-BC Region 2 consultant Chris Marshall with support from his SET-BC colleagues Joanna Angelidis, Mike Sheane, and Susan Harrison.

This “Vision Road Show” was very well attended by a lively and enthusiastic group which included classroom teachers, teaching assistants, speech therapists, vision teachers and SET BC consultants from around the lower mainland.

The workshop introduced the reading and writing guides for students with visual impairments (available on the SET-BC website in the Learning Centre) and included exploration of ten stations of both high and low tech solutions to help support students with low vision and blindness.

Even though it was a very full day, thanks to lively questions and debate from the floor, additional related topics were covered including some timely discussion on the use of iTouch technology with students using VoiceOver and gestural commands, as well as sharing of some new accessible apps and strategies for accessing digital format materials from ARC-BC.

Feedback from the group was very positive, and as always at these events, there was a valuable opportunity to network and make connections with others supporting students using vision technologies.

Though late in the school year, many delegates and teams were preparing to welcome a transitioning student and so in that respect the timing was excellent and helped to give those teams some valuable insights to help with planning for the coming school year.

To learn more about the technology used in this SETevent, search for it by name in learningSET.