SET-BC Hosts AAC in the Classroom - Building Blocks for SuccessEducators and Speech Language Pathologists work in collaboration with SET-BC consultants to select and implement a variety of augmentative and alternative communication technologies with students in British Columbia classrooms. However, implementation of AAC into the classroom environment can be challenging, requiring systematic planning and a highly committed and collaborative school team.

On April 12th, to promote knowledge and understanding around implementation of AAC in the classroom, SET-BC hosted a DynaVox Mayer-Johnson presentation at the Leo Marshall Curriculum Centre in North Vancouver. The introductory level AAC implementation workshop was designed to introduce educators to the step-by-step process of using AAC in the classroom. Topics of the day included: identifying opportunities for communication in the classroom, assessing communication needs within the classroom, determining the vocabulary needed for successful classroom participation, and providing the necessary supports for successful use of AAC during classroom activities.

The workshop was presented by Kimberly Benyon, a speech language pathologist and clinical application specialist with DynaVox Mayer-Johnson. Kimberly worked with the participants developing a shared understanding of AAC, identifying and naming the types of vocabulary that are needed for classroom participation, and creating teaching plans to support the use of AAC in classroom academic and transactional activities.

Fifty-four speech language pathologists, teachers, educational assistants, and SET-BC consultants from across the province attended the workshop. Each participant received a package of helpful assessment and planning handouts from Dynavox Mayer Johnson’s Implementation Toolkit, and were able to get hands on time with all of DynaVox Mayer-Johnson’s devices such as the Maestro, Vmax, Xpress and Tango.

BC sales consultant Donna Redmond and Regional Sales Director James Lake were on hand to answer questions, provide information and assist with the day. SET-BC thanks Dynavox Mayer Johnson for this valuable training opportunity – participants felt the workshop was very helpful in improving their ability to support their AAC using students in the classroom setting.

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