ChenylChenyl is a grade 11 student in Dawson Creek. Chenyl is visually impaired and has been using complex SET-BC technologies since her first days within the school setting. She sees herself as just another typical student in her high school and has big plans for her future.

Chenyl is planning to pursue a career in Criminal Law and is working hard to prepare for post secondary studies. She is incredibly outgoing and is often surrounded by a group of friends during break times. She has developed a great deal of confidence in herself and currently sings the national anthems at the North American Hockey League home town games.

Through the use of many assistive technologies like the Braille-Note Apex and a laptop with JAWS, Chenyl manages to perform above average in many grade 11 subjects. Chenyl started with the Mountbatten Brailler in early primary, and over the years progressed to refreshable braille devices and on to the technologies she is using today. She especially loves the portability of her new equipment as she can easily slide it into her backpack for completing homework.

Chenyl is a talented braille user and has performed well in various North American braille literacy challenges over the years. She is also a great problem solver with her equipment and has become very independent learning new technologies through the use of support materials.

Chenyl is well supported by a large team which includes Graham Cook, her Teacher of the Visually Impaired, her Braille Transcriber, Marlene Hebert, as well as her classroom teachers and her peers. Her team provides a multi-faceted program which helps to prepare Chenyl for the future. The case manager ensures that Chenyl’s learning needs are being met and provides assistance to enable others to plan most effectively for her success.

Through the ongoing partnership of School District #59, SET-BC and PRCVI, Chenyl is well on her way to a bright future!

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