• November 8, 2019

Contribute Your Story to the Inclusive Schools Initiative Blog!

As a contributor, your name is required to submit a post (but will not be displayed). A brief Title is required. Enter your story/content into the Content field. Links to websites, video or similar may be included. Links will be checked by the moderator. Choose your school from the Select School menu. Please ensure you have added at least one image. Contributors are responsible for the images they submit (SET-BC accepts no responsibility for submitted content).

SET-BC provides registered contributors with a password for this Blog. Once your story/content has been approved and posted, users may submit comments/replies. Blog comments are approved by the moderator. If you need assistance contact SET-BC Multimedia.

  • Submit your story and image (maximum 3 images no larger than 1000/1000 px)
  • When you click Submit, you will be redirected back to the Blog page
  • Content will not appear until it has been approved by the moderator