Julius Kristoff

My Contact Information

Phone: 778-984-4697
Fax: 604-261-2256
Email: jkristoff@setbc.org

Date I joined SET-BC

September 25, 2017

About Me

I started my career as a classroom teacher with the Vancouver School Board in 2005. My teaching experience includes face to face as well as virtual learning environments for both elementary and high school students. It was during my experience as a classroom teacher that I further developed an interest for utilizing technology in my teaching practice. As I worked with students I was able to see first hand the impact educational technology could have on student engagement and this lead to my decision to complete a masters degree in educational technology. Upon obtaining my masters degree from the University of British Columbia I was fortunate to move into my current role at SET-BC as a Tier 2 Teacher where I have the opportunity to support other professional educators implement educational technology into their teaching practice.