Julie Ormiston

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September 1, 2014

About Me

I started my teaching career as the Educational Technology Coordinator for Great Expectations Elementary School in NYC. After four years serving as a technology coordinator for the New York City Department of Education, I returned to Vancouver and moved into a teaching position with the Vancouver School Board. I have been a professional educator since 2002; elementary as well as high school classroom experience. My professional teaching experience encompasses both online and f2f instruction. I joined Set-BC as the FNEC consultant in 2014 and then moved into the role of SET-BC Tier 2 Consultant in 2015.

My Interests

I enjoy working with technology and designing online learning environments that enable participants to explore greater possibilities for increased social presence. Also, I have an interest in 3D immersive learning environments. As an education technology consultant I make it a practice to follow market projections regarding emerging technologies that have the potential to enhance and support learning in educational settings.

My scholarly and research interests include: online learning, instructional design, blended learning, mobile learning, web design, social networking, educational technology, instructional media, faculty development, and distance learning Administration.

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