Flo Wong

My Contact Information

Phone: 604-269-2232
Fax: 604-261-2256
Email: fwong@setbc.org

About Me

I am the Tier 3 Team Leader. I have worked at SET-BC for 11 years and have supported a range of school based teams supporting students with complex needs. I have a focus on supporting teams with students with visual impairments. I am a vision teacher and orientation and mobility instructor.

My Interests

I am very passionate about the field of assistive technology, having seen some amazing results when it is implemented effectively with students. My current interests include the use of assistive technology with students with visual impairments, the use of alternate formats to provide students access to the curriculum and online education and training for educators. For this school year, 2017-2018, I will be working with teams around the province exploring how 3D printing can support students with visual impairments. I’m also supporting a working group of TSVBIs and students looking at how math output can be supported by Braille Notetakers.

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