Elyssa Derban

My Contact Information

Phone: 604-269-2233
Fax: 604-261-2256
Email: ederban@setbc.org

Date I joined SET-BC

August 15, 2015

About Me

I began teaching for the Vancouver School board as an intermediate teacher.  After spending a number of years in the classroom, I took on a small non-enrolling job supporting with students with special needs.  Over the years that role and my interest grew until eventually I was working exclusively as a resource teacher.   As a resource teacher, I was able to participate in the first series of classroom technology projects offered by SET BC.  I was amazed at the changes I saw in my students when they were offered technology to support their learning.  My experience with classroom based solutions inspired me to return to school and develop my knowledge and understanding through a Master’s in Education Technology and Learning Design.  I now work with the SET BC Provincial Team as the Tier 2 Teacher Team Leader.

My Interests

I want all of our students to have access to the tools that meet their individual learning needs.  To that end, I am interested in supporting classroom teachers and school teams as they explore and develop new learning and educational opportunities which include educational technologies.  I am inspired by the passion, creativity and diversity of approaches that the educators share with students and their colleagues and love to be a part of that process.

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