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Books Made Accessible

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"A book that is shut is but a block." Thomas Fuller

Created for BC students with perceptual disabilities.

  • Accessible Books are children’s picture books in accessible formats.
  • Books are scanned and images added to accessible software.
  • Text is recorded using digitized (human reader) or synthesized (computer speech) speech.
  • The graphics, text and narration are then available for reading on computer or touch devices.
  • The student uses assistive technology to access the books.

Books for the collection are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Comprehension enhanced through pictures.
  • Recommended children’s literature.
  • Curriculum content at early reading levels.
  • Locally relevant content.

Video demonstrations

Watch an overview on creating an accessible book - What Is An Accessible Book.

Watch a demonstration of an accessible book - The Fishing Trip.

Higher level E-text materials

Higher level E-text materials are made available for students in British Columbia with visual impairments and with print disabilities through the Accessible Resource Centre for British Columbia, ARC-BC. Members of ARC-BC will find a large number of our Accessible Books available for immediate download from ARC-BC. For more information about borrowing and downloading, visit the ARC-BC repository at www.arc-bc.org.