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Life Skills in the Community

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This activity includes a story ,cards, and sorting page to support students in understanding the difference between public and private behaviours. Some students will need to memorize a list of publc and private places. Created by Linda Calliou for students in upper elementary to adulthood. See further instructions included in activity.
This functional life skill activity contains a 10 page booklet and an acccompanying activity to reinforce personal hygiene. They could be used to instruct and reinforce washing hands. To make the booklet, one should take 3 letter sized pieces of paper and fold to make a 12 page booket. Then print the pages, cut them out and glue them on the appropriate page of the booklet. laminate and bind. The actvity contains directions. { See companion activities: Brush Teeth Booklet; Smelling Fine Booklet; and Ready for School Booklet). Created by Linda Caillou.
A story about using swear words in certain places and in some places where it is not okay. Created by Daphne Mercier.
A story about leaving toys in the classroom. Could be adapted to toys at the Day Program. Created in WWS. Please see The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding at for Carol Gray's guidelines and criteria for social stories. To view some Sample Social Stories go to:
Visual using Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols for bathroom routine.
Visual using Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols for boys public washroom routine.
A visual script with strategies to help a student calm down. Includes three sizes from busines card size to full page.
These boards (4 files) are sized to fit in a school planner / agenda book. The planner will include the schedule, along with visual supports for monitoring levels of anxiety, problem solving what to do at different levels, and making break-time choices independently.
Symbols for a communication booklet during activities in the community. Created by Matthew Summers.
This Clicker 5 gridset allows the non-verbal communicator to share information with a listener using a core vocabulary of 16 words and fringe voaculary presented in 8 categories. Created by Kathy Ryan.
A visual script showing the steps for crossing the street at a controlled intersection.
This is a collection of 4 "Talk " pages (pak) representing Core Vocabulary. First file must be unzipped then imported into the Dynavox V page sets and linked to the "Talk" button to facilitate the use of core vocabulary that will work across a variety of communicative situations. The displays are 6, 12, 20 and 40 cell pages. Created by Yvonne Green.
A visual script for doing laundry.
A simple vocabulary board to support doing laundry. Created by Yvonne Green.
These are a set of large social cue cards. They can be laminated and put on a ring. They can be used as cues to help a student communicate appropriately without having to give the student verbal cues. [Behaviour support] Created by Karen Neill.
This series of three communication boards were created for a student who had difficulty verbally expressing his needs and feelings when things were not going well. He needed a way to let people know what he was experiencing and when he needed help. Created by Carol Graham.
A visual routine for going to the bathroom ( toilet) colour and black and white.
Viking Communicator 4 core 24 page set is core vocabulary 24 button page in cdd format created in Communicator4 software. It is appropriate for independent communicators with a need to combine simple sentences without grammatical markers. There are links yo other pages using the CATEGORIES button. Can be loaded on a Tobii Communicator 8 or 12 or on a tablet / computer. Created by Kathy Ryan.
Viking Communicator 4 core 35 page set is core vocabulary 35 button page in cdd format created in Communicator4 software. Can be loaded on a Tobii Communicator 8 or 12 or on a tablet / computer. Created by Kathy Ryan.
A full page visual voice meter.
Visual script using Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols for washing hands routine.