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SETDirect is an electronic newsletter for educators on assistive technology issues and resources. SET-BC publishes SETDirect to provide current information to support the implementation of technology for students with special needs in British Columbia. If you would like to be added to the SETDirect mailing list, click here to Subscribe. If you wish to Unsubscribe from SETDirect, Unsubscribe here

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SET-BC Direct: May 14, 1999

Volume 1, Issue 5

Special Education Technology-British Columbia

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Welcome to SET-BC Direct, an on-line newsletter for people who are interested in issues and resources regarding the use of assistive technologies in education.

SET-BC Direct is intended to help teachers and other professionals who have questions regarding the implementation of technology for students with special needs. Subscribers may also be interested in the SET-BC program itself; our model for service delivery and the projects we develop to better assist students with disabilities.


In this issue:

1. Visually Impaired Resource Guide

2. Assistive Technology and Curriculum Design

3. Boardmaker On Board

4. The Council for Exceptional Children


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1. Visually Impaired Resource Guide

This guide provides a sequential framework addressing a range of technology options to meet the general learning expectations across BC curricula from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Braille, print enhancement and speech output technologies are included.



2. Assistive Technology and Curriculum Design

Constance McAvoy, SET-BC Region 1, recently presented "Assistive Technology and Curriculum Design; Keys to Writing Development" at the CSUN conference in Los Angeles. Her "Blueprints for Writing" booklet provides assistive technology writing strategies, includes scaffolds for various types of writing, such as journals, reports and responses to novels.



3. Boardmaker On Board

Pat Winram, SET-BC District Partner S.D. #62 (Sooke) recently presented "Boardmaker On Board". Participants learned strategies for district-wide implementation and support of Boardmaker software. Pat also described how district partnerships can help to fund multiple copies of the software.



4. The Council for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) will be holding its annual convention, "One World: Building Tomorrow Together", in Vancouver on April 5 - 8, 2000. This convention is expected to attract more than 8000 educators from around the world and promises to be an excellent opportunity for participants to expand their knowledge and skills. This is also a chance to highlight British Columbia's success in implementing technology for students with special needs and we hope that many SET-BC district partners and contacts will submit presentation proposals. SET Direct readers can find the CEC Call for Papers on the CEC website - the submission deadline is May 24, 1999.

"CEC Call for Papers" http://www.cec.sped.org/pd/2000call.html

"CEC website" http://www.cec.sped.org/




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SET-BC is a Provincial Resource Program funded by the B.C. Ministry of Education. Its purpose is to assist school districts in British Columbia in meeting the technology needs of students with physical disabilities and visual impairments.

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