Group of people with laptops at a workshop

Face to Face

SET-BC consultants facilitate face-to-face Professional Development and technology training events throughout the school year in all areas of the province.  These events focus on a wide range of topics exploring how technology can support the diverse needs of students in the classroom.

Computer screen showing online training session


Throughout the year, SET-BC hosts online Professional Development events featuring leaders in supporting classroom diversity and our consultants facilitate online training sessions using our interactive Adobe Connect environment.



Just like a hotel concierge helps you plan where you want to go on vacation, our SETconcierge can help you decide where to go when planning Professional Development or training. With so many options available, the SETconcierge will help you pinpoint events or activities that meet your specific needs and schedule.

Large room filled with people attending workshop event

Upcoming Events

Those interested in attending a facilitated Professional Development or technology training event can use our SETreg system to view and register for upcoming events.  If you need help locating an event or workshop, contact our SETconcierge.

Faye Brownlie facilitating a workshop


Each year SET-BC hosts a number of facilitated face-to-face events around the province. We sponsor Professional Development and training events that feature leaders in education and educational technology, technology vendors and our own SET-BC consultants. In this area you will find information about past SETevents.