Each year SET-BC supports a small number of Synergy Classroom projects. These are provincially coordinated and different from the Tier 2 classroom-based solutions that are supported through our standard service delivery model.  For information on Tier 2 Classroom-based solutions, refer to the Service Delivery area of our website.

Purpose of Synergy Classroom Projects

To assist classroom teachers and school-based teams utilize learning technologies to provide curricular access and meaningfully include all students in the classroom environment.

We invite classroom teachers and school-based teams to apply for consultation, training, and technology support for curriculum based projects that explore the use of technology to realize students’ learning goals.  Teachers interested in submitting an application for support should refer to the information and guidelines posted each year in late spring.

The focus and number of provincially coordinated Synergy Classroom Projects vary from year to year. BC school teams are welcome to submit applications for project support for the coming school year in the spring. All supported project teams report on the implementation of the technology in their classroom through classroom blogs and activity reports. Rich information and classroom strategies can be found by visiting the projects from past years.

To view a video describing our provincially coordinated projects that support classrooms, click here.

students in classroom

Classroom Projects 2017-2018

The focus for the 2017-2018 classroom technology project was Communication, Thinking Skills, Personal and Social Skills, Math Skills, and French Literacy.

Students in classroom

Classroom Projects 2016-2017

The focus for the 2016-2017 classroom technology project was Classroom Suite 5.1, Coding, and the Innovative Classroom.


Classroom Projects 2015-2016

The focus of the 2015-2016 classroom projects was Reading and Writing Power, Digital Portfolios and Inquiry Based Learning.​

Two girls working on a laptop

Classroom Projects 2014-2015

The focus of the 2014-2015 classroom projects was Reading and Writing Power, Digital Portfolios and Inquiry Based Learning.

Photo of young students in classroom with iPads

Classroom Projects 2013-2014

The focus of the 2013-2014 classroom projects was exploring STEM and fine arts outcomes in the classroom using technology as a tool.

Students in classroom working on Macbooks

Classroom Projects 2012-2013

The focus of the 2012-2013 classroom projects was to investigate and explore how new technologies can be used to support students’ IEP goals or extend their educational programs.

students on headphones working on laptops

Classroom Projects 2011-2012

The first year of our classroom technology projects focused on supporting literacy development in students with diverse needs.