This self-directed course is divided into seven modules.  These include:

  • Module 1: Course Introduction – Introduction to the course content
  • Module 2: Overview of Assistive Technology – General overview including definition of assistive technology, main genres with examples of students using various technologies
  • Module 3: Effective Assistive Technology Implementation – Components of an effective AT implementation plan, barriers that prevent implementation, and conditions that foster implementation
  • Module 4: Assistive Technology to Support Learning – Current educational trends that utilize common and assistive technologies, examples of technology that can support intellectual access to the curriculum
  • Module 5: Assistive Technology to Support Participation – Issues support students with physical access or sensory (visual) impairments and examples of technologies that support physical and sensory access to the curriculum
  • Module 6: Assistive Technology to Support Communication – Considerations when supporting students with communication disorders in the classroom
  • Module 7: Assistive Technology in Action – Discussion of student case studies, technology to feature matching, and assistive technology implementation considerations
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